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Branding Implementation of your brand and corporate identity


Branding is what and how your company, your products or your services communicate. It effects what your customers and prospective customers feel and think about you. And it can be make the difference between success and failure in this highly competitive world.

Lug Designs is a boutique design studio providing creative, fresh and innovative branding services. Our customers come from every walk of life, including international high-tech companies, NPOs, art and cultural organizations.

When it comes to branding we have a very clear work process; before we start with the brand development process, we investigate our customer’s field of activity, specific business goals, target market, competition and branding strategy. We carry out a visual and conceptual research based on the results from the previous stage of investigation. Then we develop the brand’s communication language, characteristics and values and give it life by translating them into a professional and unique visual concept.

What you’ll get from us:

- A structured work process leading to a clear differentiation and strategic competitive advantage.

- A creative visualization of your company’s values and targets.

- A visual experience that will strengthen your brand and enhance customer loyalty

- An implementation of your new brand and corporate identity on your company logo, business cards, letterhead, website, product packaging and any other material as needed.

Please visit our branding portfolio gallery to see some samples of our work.

We’ll be happy to talk, discuss, brainstorm and offer our branding services, no matter what you need and where you are situated.

Contact us today.